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Every day all of our lives are shaped by individuals doing great things – often behind the scenes, or away from the glare of publicity. People are the key to making our society and communities the special places that they are. So what could be better than to single some of them out for recognition with an American Citizen Award?

American Citizen Award

Honor extraordinary individuals from your neighborhood

THE MEDAL – Annually, 50 American citizens from neighborhoods, cities, counties, and states, who give selflessly to make life better for others, will be honored in a formal medal presentation ceremony, followed by an informal reception.

THE REASON – The American Citizen Award is a timely reminder that compassion, humanity, and goodwill still exist in our nation. The award is accessible to all, regardless of culture or socioeconomic background. These recipients instill hope and inspire Americans to look for the good in each other.

THE CATEGORIES – International Achievement, Service to Industry, Service to Education, Service to Arts, Service to Business, Service to Healthcare, Service to Community, Volunteering & Charitable Giving.

ELIGIBILITY – Any individual who is doing extraordinary things for others, selflessly and without personal benefit, can be nominated and must be seconded by a non-family member. Nominations are then researched, verified, and assessed by an independent panel. Successful candidates receive a specially cast medal, a certificate, and are invited to use the ACA acronym as a post-nominal.

PRESENTATION DAY – The State of Utah has been selected as the host State for the inaugural American Citizen Award medal presentations. All successful nominees will be invited to attend the presentation day at the Utah State Senate in Salt Lake City in May. The presentation day offers those being recognized a unique opportunity to experience the history and atmosphere of the State’s seat of democracy. This will be a truly memorable occasion befitting the achievements of those receiving the award. Numbers are extremely limited for the event so invitations will be offered to nominees, their partner, and their nominator only (nominators may re-assign their invitation).


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