I’m not sure which category is most relevant

If you are unsure which category/ies to nominate, just submit the form with the required fields and our researchers will select the most appropriate category.

Is there a cost involved?

The American Citizen Award is completely free of charge. Nominations are accepted from all citizens of the United States. Those selected to receive an American Citizen Award will be invited to attend the Medal Presentation Ceremony. The cost of travel and accommodation is currently unsupported by the ACA, but we are in negotiations to establish a Travel and Accommodation partner, until this is established guests will be required to cover their own transport and accommodation costs.

Why should I nominate someone for an American Citizen Award?

There are hundreds of thousands of individuals making huge differences in their communities, often sacrificing their own comforts for those of others around them, who until now go unrecognized. By making a nomination you could be catapulting the deserving individual into the spotlight possibly for the first time in their lives and giving them the national recognition that they deserve. Recognition will propel them to re-double their selfless contribution, it will serve to highlight their cause and will project the light of good onto them.

What do they get if they are awarded an ACA?

Recipients of the American Citizen Award do not only benefit from the prestige and kudos associated with being honored with a bespoke minted medal, but they also get recognition by the wider community that they have served. Each ACA recipient is entered on the American Citizen Award Roll of Honour, each receives a formal certificate and all are invited to use the ACA initials after their name as a post-nominal as a constant reminder of the gratitude we have for their commitment.

How do I nominate?

Nominating is simple, just complete the required fields on the Nomination Form, as fully as possible and include as much additional information as possible, and simply press submit. All nominations need to be seconded by another individual who is not related to the nominee.

What if I need help?

We are here to help if we can, please feel free to email us at info@americancitizenaward.com or call us and leave a message with your contact details and one of our advisers will get back to you.

What if my nomination is unsuccessful?

Even if your application is unsuccessful it does not detract from the things which your nominee has achieved, and the nomination itself clearly indicates your commitment and pride in their achievements. We have a system of recognition which includes certificates of achievement and certificates of merit. Provided the nominee has had a significant impact on society, they may be eligible to receive a certificate if they are not selected to receive an American Citizen Award. Plus you can always re-apply next year.

What if the nomination is successful?

All nominees and nominators are notified of the status of their nomination by email. Successful nominees will be invited to a prestigious Medal Presentation Ceremony, where they will be bestowed the medal inscribed with the words ‘For the good of the country’. A full media announcement will be made, where the individual’s achievements will be highlighted.

If successful will there be any publicity?

We will work closely with national and local media, issuing bespoke press releases for multiple media. There will also be a press presence at the medal presentation Ceremony. We will also support your local activity as much as possible with pictures and comment where appropriate. Medallists will also be added to the ACA Roll of Honor which will feature on our website.


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