There are eight categories where nominations can be made. Only a limited number of ACAs are awarded each year in each category. Each nomination is carefully considered by a panel of independent assessors and given a rigorous review before moving to the next stage. Often further information or validation will be sought. Nominations declined by the assessors in no way diminish the achievements of the candidate, and should not be viewed as a negative response, it is simply the criteria which dictates the success of nominations and it is this process which makes the awarding of ACAs so significant to those that receive them.

This programme supports the Administration’s vision to make ‘America Great Again’ by recognising Americans doing great things. It is accessible to individuals who are deserving of recognition. The American Citizen Award recognises nominated individuals that have served the community, business, industry, charity, education, healthcare or the arts. Individuals, charities and businesses can nominate deserving candidates whose submission then goes through the selection and awarding process. Each nomination is first scrutinized for accuracy, if necessary further information is sought. Upon passing the first assessment, applications are forwarded to our prestigious Assessment Panel for ratification.

The explanations below each category are for guidance purposes only and are not limited to the roles used as examples.

 ACAc for Service to Community
This category is typically for someone that is a pillar of their local community: someone that local residents relate to, rely upon, or seek advice from. Candidates in this category may be long serving, may be helping others whilst suffering adversity themselves, and may just brighten the lives of those they come into contact for. Equally, they may have lobbied for funding for community facilities, driven policy to determine improvement in the locality, or raised funds for community projects.

ACAi for Service to Industry
This category is typically for those individuals that have strived to improve either the working conditions for individuals or worked tirelessly to improve the lives of local communities through supplying meaningful employment in heavy or hazardous industry; the individual who has done most to understand the needs of the employees and acted to make the working environment safer, more rewarding or who has championed pay or conditions improvements.

ACAa for Service to Arts
This category is typically for an individual that has promoted the arts, taken art to new audiences or created new experiences for those involved in the arts. The individual’s achievements could cover diversity, equality, accessibility as well and fundraising, lobbying or education.

ACAe for Services to Education
This category is typically for an individual that has been devoted to education in any or all of its forms. The individual may have promoted education, funded education, created new innovative ways of learning or been instrumental in maintaining standards, building educational facilities or lobbying for accessibility, diversity or equality in education.

ACAh for services to Healthcare
This category is typically for an individual who has promoted healthcare in any or all of its forms. The individual may have devoted time, energy or effort into helping the community retain or improve it health awareness, may have lobbied to build new facilities or created innovative approaches to healthcare education.

ACAb for Service to Business
This category is typically for an individual who has worked in business to create meaningful employment, who has improved standards and given back to the community through developing extensive CSR or charitable strategies. The individual may have developed a business to improve a deprived area, created a business as a social enterprise or has pioneered new employee standards giving hope and aspiration to members of the community.

ACAv for Volunteering & Charitable Giving
This category is typically for an individual who has extensively contributed to fundraising, charitable giving or devoted time and energy on a voluntary basis to a given or selection of charities. The individual may have organised charitable events, lobbied others to promote good causes or championed new ways of developing support for charities.

ACAo for International Achievement
This category is for the very few whose activities overseas have caught the imagination of those here in the US, where quantifiable results have been validated and where the impact of their activity has been profound.

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